For Volunteers

Body & Soul Homeless ProgramTM Dallas TX

Hundreds of people over the years have volunteered at Body & Soul, and we are so grateful for them!

To volunteer, please sign up (this really helps us).  

Use SignUp Genius or (coming soon).  Either is fine.

Read the descriptions below, then click a red button!


SATURDAYS: Volunteer Check-In Station (Arrives 6:15am Saturdays)

SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS: Usher/Door Greeter (Arrives 7:00am Saturdays, 2:30pm Sundays)

SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Cooking Team (Arrives 6:30am Saturdays, 2:30pm Sundays)

SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Serving Team (Arrives 7:00am Saturdays, 2:30pm Sundays)

SATURDAYS: Essentials Team/Store Area (Arrives 7:00am Saturdays)

SATURDAYS: Clothing Coordinator (arrive 7:00am Saturdays)

SATURDAYS: Kitchen Cleanup Crew (arrive 8:15am Saturdays)